Security Job Description

Security Officer Job Description

To guarantee your lord resume will strengthen your objectives, utilize this security guard company malaysia official course of action of working obligations to instruct what you ought to remember for your resume.

By examining expected plan of commitments models, you’ll have the choice to perceive what explicit and delicate limits, accreditations and work experience matter most to a business in your objective field.

Security Officer Job Description

Now and again watches structures and grounds. Requires a discretionary school affirmation or its proportionate and 0-2 years of relationship with the field or in a related space. Acquainted with standard musings, practices and techniques inside a specific field. Depend upon kept appreciation and judgment to structure and achieve goals. Play out a course of action of undertakings. Work under wide watch; routinely reports to a chief or manager. A specific level of imaginative psyche and augmentation is ordinary.


– Secure premises and work power by watching property; checking perception gear; studying structures, hardware and ways; allowing region

– Obtain help by sounding alerts

– Prevent debacles and harm by revealing varieties from the standard, illuminating violators concerning procedure and theory; controlling intruders

– Control traffic by arranging drivers

– Complete reports by recording acknowledgments, data, events and reconnaissance works out; visiting with witnesses; getting marks

– Maintain condition by watching and setting building and hardware controls

– Maintain alliance’s security guards company malaysia and notoriety by acclimating to veritable necessities

– Ensure activity of hardware by finishing preventive assistance prerequisites; adhering to producer’s direction; investigating glitches; calling for fixes; assessing new mechanical assembly and approachs

– Contribute to joint exertion by achieving related outcomes varying

– Ensure the security, thriving and prospering of all work force, guests and the premises

– Provide impressive client care

– Adhere to all affiliation association and working norms

– Remain in consistence with near to, state and government rules

– Respond to crises to give basic help to workers and clients

– Protect the affiliation’s ideal conditions comparative with theft, trap, fire and other security issues

– Follow procedures for different activities, including fire desire, property watch, traffic signal and mishap evaluations

Security Officer top aptitudes and proficiencies:

– Written and Verbal Communication

– Following Complex Instructions

– Interpersonal Skills

– Knowledge of Security Operations and Procedure

– Manage Multiple Tasks

– Knowledge of Basic Security and Fire Inspection Procedures

– Lifting

– Surveillance Skills

– Judgment

– Objectivity

– Dependability

– Emotional Control

– Integrity

– Safety Management

– Professionalism

Revealing Skills